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Husband and wife were both recorded as residents of Lowry City, St. Mary was probably born 16 September 1887 near Roscoe, St.Clair County, though the 1900 Census gives her birth as January 1888.Fred claimed exemption from service on the grounds he had a wife and child to support. Fred purchased a new car some time during the First World War.The story goes that Fred bought the vehicle believing that his mother would be able to use it to get around a little better.

Then Fred’s father John Thomas Wears offered to buy his son a cow and pay him a month, in return for which Fred would move his family back to Lowry City to take care of John Thomas. On , Fred purchased some insurance from the Equitable Life Insurance Company of New York, New York.

entry * Frederick William Wears [14] was born at Mt. Fred may also have worked in Oklahoma prior to his marriage.

Zion, Osage Township, Henry County, Missouri, the youngest of ten children of his parents. Fred joined the Brotherhood of American Yeoman as member number 164420 on 9 January 1909.

Unfortunately, his mother became ill riding in the car.

However, Fred’s sister Illa took a liking to the car and frequently drove it.

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