No plug in fuck chat

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If they are use /unignore to remove them from the list. Character updates mean a character you have bookmarked or are friends with has had a profile update.Clicking on the message will show you a string of info about what has changed. Examples of the tag in use are shown in parentheses after each entry.Placing a user on ignore (Or being placed on ignore yourself) will automatically put the account in the associated blocklist.Staff will not go around ignores on your behalf, and attempting to do so yourself is a violation of the rules concerning ignores and ignore evasion.Please note that blocks and chat ignores are different.Even though chat ignores only work on one character, using an alternative character to get around an ignore is a violation of our Code of Conduct The latest version of all the rules for F-List and F-Chat can be found here.However, you are free to report someone for poor behavior preceding an ignore -- for instance, if someone messaged you to insult you and then placed you on ignore -- as that behavior violates the rules regardless of whether an ignore was involved. If someone contacts you after you have ignored them, please report them.

Check the list to be sure that none of your own characters are on it.

If user 1 bookmarks your character, how would the site know to send you a message about Rebbi, or Hexxy?

Not without telling you about both characters; revealing user 1's every single alt.

Make sure that no-reply[at](replace the [at] with an @) is on your whitelist, and check your spam folder.

It is possible that your settings are not currently allowing the mail to reach your inbox. If you have already signed up for an account, and your validation email isn't in your inbox or spambox, please put in a ticket to request a manual validation.

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