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I can only think of two examples of black girls dating black guys over the past 25 years, but lots of them marrying white guys. I am a white blonde hair and blue eyed woman who dates black men and I live in Edmonton and we are always getting the "look" and I am sick of racial comments and opinions..and be free.and be 30 and I am 45...everyone has their bs for that as wel.. over the years I have come to the understanding, most that view me have a very small mind and circle of life.

I have spent most of my time in the Christian community, and perhaps it is more integrated there? I just accept that many people have no tolerance for these hot topics..time they focus on their own happiness just as I do with my "young black bf"^^up1^^ and.. I am proud of whom I am, my accomplishments, that's what counts. Absolutely, my ex wife was black, and is a preference of mine, and I have contacted many black and non white women here on pof, without so much as a reply from any of them.( unless they are not Canadian,then they are eager to marry me... ) So, it would make me wonder if just the opposite isn't true???? Everywhere I've lived in Alberta I have seen multiple interracial couples.

I have never met a single "black"woman in Edmonton, so maybe they think you are taken.

It seemed to be more of a big deal back in the late 70's & 80's when I was single if a couple were of a different race.

My plans over there are still a complete mess but I would like to be working at a ski resort by June!

I never really know what to write for these things. DOn't hesitate to ask, it is easier that way for me to open up about myself. Alberta has a lot to offer in the way of scenery and activities. Even if you are not travelling to Canada would like communication. Currently living in the UK but I am in the middle of getting my visa to move a cross to the Alberta area of Canada.

Did you know we have places where there are scorpions and black widows? I would hopefully be across at the beginning of next year with a bit of luck it's very tough but will hopefully be worth it in the end Looking to connect and maybe talk to a few people and make a few friends before the big move I enjoy to socialise both in and out of work I currently work in plumbing and gas in the uk have looked into the systems across there more oil and...

I have a man who is totally okay with me having a girl to have fun with while he is away at work. I like to have fun, coffee dates, movies, dinner, walks together. I eat healthy, work out and take care of my mental health. So I'm going to end here but let's chat or go for a coffee. I like to play outside snowboarding or dirt biking ..... I play ringette and hockey in the winter to keep me busy.

Looking for a fun, ongoing encounter with the same girl everytime. I'm cheesy and romantic and would do anything for the people I care about. I'm pretty open about talking and love to get to know people.

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