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It also checks to make sure clients are legally unattached.“We help eliminate the surprises that may come down the road,” Ms.

Such matchmaking services also come with a price that’s much higher than the average dating website.e Love starts at about ,000, and clients are charged more for each person they meet through the service.

The more I can learn about them, the better.”Computers help e Love consultants search the client database to find matches faster, but otherwise, technology hasn’t changed the business, said Paul Falzone, the company’s chief executive and co-owner.

It’s still about getting to know people.e Love, which is based in Norwell, has about 40 offices in the United States and recently opened three in Canada.

For example, if you use a search engine like Google to look up information about debt settlement or debt consolidation, you’ll likely come across many unsavory companies trying to lure you into their clutches before you stumble upon any reliable explanation of how the process works.

But then I opened a mobile version of the site and found out that it was very well-designed and easy to use.

It’s expected to grow at a faster clip, 2.8 percent, over the next five years.

Dating websites represent more than half of the industry.

But over time, those websites made matchmaking and dating services more socially acceptable, Mr.

And there’s the issue of honesty.“People say, ‘Oh, the Internet must be really hurting you,’ ” Ms.

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