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That would include releasing it to the public, which has different actions to take in obtaining the footage.Anyone else requesting to see a video must pay 0 to the court for a form and, according to the the legislation, the judge would look over the footage and schedule a hearing as soon as practical to hear both sides before making a ruling. body cam Yaniero prefers dashboard cameras over body cameras.Even ones that do have limited ability to release the footage, and the public’s access to that footage is even more restricted — both thanks to N. legislation signed into law last year that requires a judge’s OK to do either.Positive reviews “I think they’re a great tool,” Richlands Police Chief Ron Lindig said of body cameras.The agency may take into consideration whether the recording has information considered confidential under state or federal law; whether it would reveal sensitive personal information about someone; if it would put someone in danger or harm their reputation; if a threat to “the fair, impartial, and orderly administration of justice” is possible; or if the video needs to stay confidential in order to protect an internal or criminal investigation, whether that investigation is active, inactive, or there is a potential for the situation to become one.

In some cases, Yaniero said redacting parts of the video would solve the problem.

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It’s said there are two sides to every story, but there is one way to get the facts of a situation without having to rely on anyone’s memory: video.

But not all local law enforcement is sold on using body cameras on patrol.

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