Sursok dating when a couple start dating

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The storyline unfolded through a series of flashbacks.The episode begins in the present and then goes through time to reveal what happened in the previous twenty-four hours.Dani later hit Kane with her car and was sent to prison after being found guilty of attempted murder.In her later storylines, Dani was harassed by two stalkers.

The actress successfully auditioned for the role of Dani in 1999 and she called the experience incredible.Dani's first major storyline occurred in 2001, when she was raped by Kane Phillips (Sam Atwell).Sursok called the assault the worst thing that had ever happened to her character.Kilmeny Adie from the Illawarra Mercury believed that Dani never quite got over Will and her feelings were "not made easier" when she learned that Will and Gypsy had got engaged soon after the birth of their daughter.She first met Scott on the beach, where he was riding his horse.

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