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With the hectic lives we live between work, commuting and our day to day activities, it can be hard to meet new people.New Jersey is a very populated but very busy place!The University of Otago research surveyed the sexual health of 2922 students aged 17 to 24 from universities nationwide.It found 20 per cent of respondents reported at least three partners in the last 12 months.Conversely, women should also not rely solely on the man to bring condoms and should also keep some protection on hand. Men in New Zealand are known to be rugged, outdoorsy types (even though most are well educated and work white collar jobs in cosmopolitan cities) and unfortunately being a bit “macho” has been known to come with the territory.There is a huge difference between being a manly man and being violent though, so make sure you establish boundaries from the beginning and be aware of any behaviors that you don’t like!Men shouldn’t expect women to take charge of contraception and it’s definitely not OK to try and have casual sex without protection.If a guy is looking to have a one night stand, he should bring condoms with him.

Given these statistics, if you’re university aged, the chances of finding other singles to have casual fun with are good, however in order to stay safe it’s best to keep your wits about you and use protection! Although this figure has likely changed over the years, it’s still a good reminder to always, always use protection.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world with the most amazing dating sites.

Dating, relating and mating there is nothing if not an adventure!

We need a dating site where we can meet other singles at our leisure.

A free dating site in New Jersey where we can send and receive messages.

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