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In the USA and Canada, ‘cider’ commonly refers to a cloudy but unfermented ‘natural’ apple juice, unless qualified by the term ‘hard cider’ to denote that the natural juice is fermented.

Although many assume that the Norman Conquest was responsible for introducing cider to England, some researchers now believe it to have been in England long before that.

Participants carried jugs of cider into the orchards, drank a health to the trees and next year’s anticipated crop, then poured cider around the tree roots.

As a thanksgiving to the spirit of the apple tree, farmers placed small pieces of wheat flour cake, dipped in cider, in the forks of the trees.

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It is from this time when England was ruled by the Prince Regent that the term Regency Era arises. Read more about this event and George’s somewhat checkered life at the following links.In the western counties of England, a farm worker might receive as much as one-fifth of his wage in cider. Ltd., 2015) Cider drinking was widely supposed to promote longevity as this chorus from a Devonshire cider drinking song shows: I were brought up on cider And I be a hundred and two But still that be ‘nuthin when you come to think Me father and mother be still in the pink And they were brought up on cider Of the rare old Tavistock brew And me Granfer drinks quarts For he’s one of the sports That were brought up on cider too.(Breverton, 2015) means “Be Thou of Good Health.” The time of the wassail varied from Christmas Eve to Twelfth Night.One problem with trying to look at alcoholic beverages consumed by the English in this period is that we are covering over 100 years (1714 – 1830).During that time many drinks went in and out of fashion, some of them almost lost to history.

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