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READ MORE: Malawi empowers children to fight sexual abuse The Aniva case sparked controversy in the southern African country, where women's rights activists branded him as an abuser, while others saw him as a scapegoat for a cultural practice.

State prosecutor Chiyembekezo Banda demanded a long prison sentence for Aniva, saying he was probably responsible for the spread of HIV. Malawi is one of the worst HIV-affected countries in the world, with 27,000 deaths from AIDS-related illnesses and nine percent of the adult population infected with HIV.

During school holidays, children spend some weeks at initiation camps where they are taught household chores and how to conduct themselves once married.

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In the video, the woman spews out to finish off her act.

Blantyre - Police in eastern Malawi have torched several initiation camps which were allegedly teaching children sexual skills instead of offering them "sound advice".

Machinga District Police Spokesperson Dave Sulumba confirmed the move in an interview."We have indeed torched some initiation camps built along river banks and on mountain slopes.

(News24)Some initiated youths have also complained of wasting their time at initiation camps where they claim the key lessons are about how to perform sex in bed."There is nothing like cultural education at such camps, as the focus is on sexual education and the singing of obscene songs," said one newly initiate.

She said the so-called graduation from childhood to adulthood through initiation ceremonies focuses on how to have sex and lose virginity.

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