Dating traditionalist

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Thus, it would seem that the third option – compromise – would be Jerry’s most prudent choice. What they struggle with is her view of marital roles.

The men that she wants to marry want a more traditional wife. Shari makes 0,000/year and lives a life consistent with her salary.

While Shari is succeeding in a “man’s world”, at home, she still wants to be the woman. While this feels like a reasonable expectation – she’s seen the Real Housewives!

– Shari’s struggled, consistently dating attractive men who always fall short.

Jerry is 38, makes 0,000/year, and wants to be a husband and father. Still, for all his Marlboro Man demeanor, he’s good-hearted, generous and loyal.

It’s that he’s far more comfortable building a deck in his backyard, tinkering with his car, and playing golf than he is talking about his feelings.

The research Yorkshire Building Society found many women are making equally conventional choices.

Nearly 40 per cent said ‘financial stability’ is one of the most important qualities in their husband and they rank gardening as more important than an ability to cook or clean.

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‘But then they realised they were fed up with a man who spent longer in the bathroom than they did.From the NCR article: WASHINGTON — If the decline in marriage is to be reversed, the Church, families and society must do a better job educating children about its value. “These are massive changes, and marriage as an institution is in decline.”I have noticed this trend even amongst traditional Catholics, I am very sorry to say. Can't find a young lady who will only wear skirts9.That’s the message noted marriage and family experts have in response to a recently released survey showing the percentage of married couples in the U. From reading blogs and meeting Catholic men I have come up with the Top Ten Reasons Traditional Catholic Men Say They Cannot Marry. Can't find a young lady who has not been corrupted by travel.8. Can't find a young lady whose father will pay a handsome dowry.4.Or is there a third, middle path – some form of possible compromise? Still, despite her Hillary Clinton exterior, she’s good-hearted, generous and loyal.I don’t know about you, but it would seem to me that options 1 and 2 are out. She may never be domestic, but she will be a good partner for a man who doesn’t expect his wife to perform traditionally feminine roles.

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