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Clear audio makes it that much easier for your fellow players to suspend their disbelief.

Regardless of how you kit out, just don’t come to your first game of D&D (or any other kind of tabletop game) online without suitable equipment – it’ll only make the game better for you and your fellow players.

Besides, why do you think news anchors and expert panels on TV shows never talk over one another – well, let’s ignore CNN – on air?

Because it’s much harder for people to follow multiple voices at once from the same source of audio than that is in the real world.

or some other game of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) on Twitch. At any rate, I want to help you get into this amazing game either as a player or a Dungeon Master (or a Game Master, if you’re playing a different kind of tabletop game) in the same way I did just two short years ago. And, yes, I live my days in regret that I hadn’t dove into this glorious game sooner, with more time and fewer worries on my hands.

If looking to get into this incredible, addictingly (seriously) creative hobby the easiest way possible: the almighty internet is your ticket. However, I’ve learned an incredible deal about – and developed a possibly dangerous addiction to – the game these past years, running concurrent campaigns as Dungeon Master both online and at a table … And so, that’s where I’ll start this journey of waxing philosophic about how my favorite pastime and technology, collide.

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