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Now that's the perfect woman - and the perfect dating site!

It's high time the internet has a dating site like Wealthy Match for someone like me.

I'm a big stakes gambler on the side and love taking big risks for big payoffs in business as well.

Most dating sites are exactly that - a huge gamble - not my idea of fun! It's where I know I can meet the women I want to take to Vegas, or the Bahamas or even Monte Carlo.

Most sugar babies are afraid that they’d be perceived as too greedy in case they talk about allowances during the initial stages of a relationship.

I literally met two millionaires in two days, and that was after filling out a profile that only took about two minutes.

So I knew that was going to be hard to find going into all the dating sites I tried.

Join now for free Being a sugar daddy or sugar mama brings more adventure and excitement in your life!

Maybe you are busy with business or your professional life so you don't have time to get girls, or you are simply not good at getting girls.

I wanted to do that but it seemed like it was just getting too hard and so I have to admit, I was actually starting to settle for less. I joined on an impulse and immediately had so many choices of men I wanted to date.

I'm young, single, beautiful, educated and am finally getting what I deserve.

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    Waiting longer than 6 hours to message a man means he’s 25% less likely to respond, while for women it drops 5% (dropping sharply as time goes on).

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