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After two years of hard work, Luv Byrd is now available for download in Google Play and the Apple Store.Right now, the website is centered primarily in Colorado, but Keshian and Weaver are hoping to expand to other regions and states, and maybe other countries. However, Luv Byrd will soon start a “freemium” model, in which you can sign up, create a profile, and view other profiles for free.Surely you’d much rather go out with someone like this than someone who drives a Hummer, believes Global Warming is a conspiracy concocted by lizards, and thinks recycling is a waste of time?Hikers are basically eco-loving green machines and, in an increasingly environmentally-unstable world, they’re precisely the type of person you should be introducing your parents to. They’ve seen beautiful sunrises, stunning sunsets, and had more epic adventures than you’ve had warm baths.Plus, once you meet someone, most of your dates will probably be inexpensive as you’ll be doing something outdoorsy together. Even in the short time Luv Byrd has been available, members have already found partners that they have turned into relationships.We know this because several members asked to take their profile down, as they’ve met someone on the site and had no interest in pursuing other matches.Similar interest has been identified as the #1 criteria when looking for a potential new partner for a relationship.” While other online dating platforms are successful in creating general matches, for avid outdoor enthusiasts, it doesn’t quite make the cut.

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(Hint- sign up now while it’s still free with unlimited features! If you can’t catch the deal in time, then no worries!But then we figured that was maybe a bit too spicy for an Mpora article, so have decided to mumble something about why practicality is a really important characteristic to look for in a partner instead. It’s the middle of the winter, and the heating has stopped working. The outfits at London Fashion Week don’t make people look cool. Dresses made of cling-film, hats made of tin-foil, tuxedos made of expired train tickets…it’s bullshit. They were things you can wear all-year round, in any manner of condition, in the majority of social situations (except, arguably, your wedding day). You’re romantically involved with a hiker and not only do they have water leftover in their Camel Bak, they also have one of those straws that can filter the muddy water in puddles and make it drinkable. Do you want to be with someone who aims for the sky, and regularly touches the clouds?How else can one explain their seriously chilled and no-nonsense attitude to life? Prove why hikers are down-to-earth and thus underline our point that people who like walking are the best people to get “jiggy” with/date on a short-term basis/date on a long-term basis/get married to/have kids with and/or retire to the south of France with. Hikers have a far greater understanding of the world than the average Joe No-Hike because they’re regularly walking about in it. Wisdom is a virtue, and hikers have got it by the bucket loads. Hikers are at peace with nature, and the world around them.They feel the rhythms of the planet, and let it flow through them and influence their actions.

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