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Brown wrote in his winter 1776-77 handbill, "Money is this man's God, and to get enough of it he would sacrifice his country." Pittsfield was primarily an agricultural area, because of the many brooks that flowed into the Housatonic River; the landscape was dotted with mills that produced lumber, grist, paper, and textiles.

With the introduction of Merino sheep from Spain in 1807, the area became the center of woolen manufacturing in the United States, an industry that would dominate the community's economy for almost a century.

John Stoddard of Northampton, who had claim to 1,000 acres (4.0 km) here.

A group of young men came and began to clear the land in 1743, but the threat of Indian raids around the time of King George's War soon forced them to leave, and the land remained unoccupied by Englishmen for several more years.

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By the end of the Revolutionary War, Pittsfield had expanded to nearly 2,000 residents, including Colonel John Brown, who began accusing Benedict Arnold as a traitor in 1776, several years before Arnold defected to the British.In 2009, the franchise changed its name to the Pittsfield American Defenders.The American Defenders name refers to both the United States military and a line of baseball gloves produced by Nocona Athletic Goods Company.Madden was later charged with manslaughter, to which he pleaded guilty.He was sentenced to six months in jail and a heavy fine.

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