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Homosexuality and gay sex are legal in Indonesia - except in conservative Aceh province, which is ruled by Islamic law - but same-sex relationships are widely frowned upon and public displays of affection between gay couples almost unheard of.In Aceh at the weekend, police forcibly cut the hair of a group of transgender women and made them wear male clothing, sparking protests from rights groups.The community has also been targeted in a number of raids on “gay sex” parties in the country’s two largest cities Jakarta and Surabaya.Ten men were sentenced in December to two years in prison for taking part in what authorities called a “gay sex party” at a sauna.The quake occurred around 65 miles west of the city of Sukabumi at a depth of 21 miles.People were filmed running down the capital’s streets and other patients were evacuated from hospitals.

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With death tolls of up to half a million people, it's not hard to see why.Indonesia's parliament is reported to be debating an amendment to the criminal code that could make same-sex relationships and sex outside marriage illegal.The community has also been targeted in a number of raids on "gay sex" parties in the country's two largest cities Jakarta and Surabaya.JAKARTA (AFP) - Google has pulled one of the world's largest gay dating apps from the Indonesian version of its online store in response to government demands, Jakarta said Wednesday (Jan 31), amid a crackdown on the LGBT community.Officials had called for the tech giant to remove 73 LGBT-related applications, including dating services, from its Play Store, and urged people to shun apps that broke with cultural norms in the world's biggest Muslim-majority nation.

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