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The suggestion received a large amount of opposition, with many members of the Board saying that the school wasn't large enough to be a university, but the decision ultimately passed. Lund, later said, "I hope their head will grow big enough for their hat." Brimhall also presided over the University during a brief crisis involving the theory of evolution.

The planes crashed on a Tuesday, hours before the weekly devotional normally held at BYU.

During his tenure, the student body increased six-fold, making BYU the largest private school at the time. Oaks continued the expansion of his predecessor, adding a law school and proposing plans for a new School of Management.

The quality of the students also increased, leading to higher educational standards at the school. During his administration, a new library was also added, doubling the library space on campus. Holland followed as president in 1980, encouraging a combination of educational excellence and religious faith at the university.

At the beginning of his tenure, the school was not officially recognized as a university by any accreditation organization.

By the end of his term, the school was accredited under all major accrediting organizations at the time. Mc Donald, who received his doctorate from the University of California.

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