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The company’s purchase by a troubled Hewlett-Packard has relegated its products to also-rans in the marketplace. did indeed try to do, only to be stymied by anti-trust regulators.Quicken is still the market leading personal financial product, but it’s fighting a neck-and-neck battle with Microsoft Money.Like Netscape before them, it seems the company largely got spooked by the dominance of Microsoft and tripped over their own feet.— So there we have it: ten tech companies, ten high-profile failures. Seems to me they are failure of nerve, failure to innovate, excessive greed, excessive litigiousness, and overwhelming fear of Microsoft. I had a high-tech CEO ask me the loaded question to end all loaded questions the other day. It’s almost impossible to come up with a single answer, or even a single set of answers.

) The quality of Gateway’s equipment dropped off precipitously in the late ’90s, with a number of high-profile hardware recalls.The company has stubbornly bet the farm on its Blu-Ray high-definition videodisc, earning the ire of consumers and unnecessarily delaying the release of its Playstation 3.(Didn’t they learn anything from their own disastrous Betamax experiment? Dell, Compaq, and Gateway were once fierce competitors for the crown of the PC industry, which boggles the mind.— but the ad-laden disaster Real One Player surely was a major turning point.It took the much-loved and highly functional Real Jukebox and hobbled many of its features or made them premium add-ons.

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