Nod 32 not updating web blocked

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Ever since I have downloaded Firefox 4, when searching on google, nod32 has blocked a lot of websites that supposedly use browser hijacking etc.

It keeps popping up with Nod32 blocked this IP address.

It is looking ahead to links off of the page you are currently viewing.

Meaning it is initiating contact with those sites in an effort to speed up their loading should you decide to view one of them.

How to disable it is included in the above article if you wish to check my theroy.

Thanks Thunder Z for your input, and the prefetch theory may be right, I will look into it for more details.

It might have been a result of not having Windows Updates up to date at that time or maybe he has prefetch disabled.

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Links most\any search engine provide are a click-on\visit at your own risk proposition.

I was searching for drweb cure and I didn't click on any sites and the alert came up, and then I searched Bitdefender and it seemed to block something on google, without going into a site, and one time it happened when I typed spyware into google images. I am quite confused as to why it keeps blocking different websites and ips.

I will try to take a screenshot next time it happens though.

Perhaps that is why I don't see the problem you saw. OK, I just changed the setting for network.prefetch-next to "true" and I still don't get any warning from NOD32 when searching for "bitdefender" in a normal Google search.

I did the same Google images search for "spyware" and not a peep from NOD32.

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