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Throughout the episode Marshall and Lily are viewed by the other characters, especially Ted, as the perfect couple.

“The olive theory is based on my friends Marshall and Lily. In a weird way that’s what makes them such a great couple, perfect balance.” (How I Met Your Mother, episode 1).

I believe this was the show’s original intent although Barney’s character since proved to be extremely popular and charismatic.This show is a collection of flash-backs following Ted Mosby’s desperate search for romance and the adventures he encounters with his friends along the way.How I Met Your Mother is mainly targeted towards young adults who relate to the emotional roller-coaster of romance.Spoilers for Community through “Virtual Systems Analysis” Patterning characters after popular perceptions of Asperger’s syndrome has become an easy way for television writers to show that a character is quirky and super-smart (see Bones, Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, and Sherlock on the BBC programme).Very rarely however do these characters experience any of the downsides of being on the autism spectrum. Failing to fill the expectations of a neurotypical world is met with canned laughter rather than abuse, loss of autonomy, or murder.

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