Bethenny frankel dating real housewives

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’ Bethenny captioned the Instagram photo.“They took some time apart because both were going through their divorces,” a source told E! “They gave each other a little bit of space and now they’re back together having fun.”In between dating Dennis, Bethenny was apparently linked to Russ Theriot, but Dennis’s bald head was apparently always in her peripheral vision!

Was it easier to get back into the swing of things this second time around? So is there anything new or different about this upcoming season that we should be ready for? It’s always been real, but it’s not sensationalized. You can tell when people are being a little contrived or Housewifely.

I’m adjusting to the typical gender and role reversal of being the breadwinner. Is that the new must-have Real Housewives accessory? Her bar you would expect Swarovski-encrusted coasters, as is perfect for Lisa Vanderpump. I was one of the first celebrities beside Diddy and Dan Akroyd to have a cocktail brand, and I was by far the first Housewife or reality star to have my own cocktail brand. This is not the first or last time other Housewives have been inspired by my ideas.

Is there an end in sight for the divorce to be finalized? You’ve met a lot of other Housewives over the years.

Divorces on two-year marriages don’t normally take almost four years to get divorced. I don’t know many parties that would rival my divorce party, I’ll tell you that. My bar is in the Hamptons, it’s in a farmhouse, it’s very chill. And I love that because in that environment, I’d be a different animal.

There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, but that felt good and just. One of the things I loved when you filmed with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is you showed all the ladies your wine bar at your Hamptons house, and then a few episodes later Lisa Vanderpump showed everyone her wine bar at her house. You would expect peanuts on the floor and a dartboard. Is there anything that you’re really excited for people to see in this upcoming season?

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