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Myles, 21, was the big brother, but everyone said Andra and Brad's second son, Ashton, was the brightest.

"The most important thing to them was just the family, all of us and they just loved all of us so much," Ashton said at the funeral."What were his aspirations, what did he want to do?

Like the time she dropped everything to chase a deal on surplus computer electronics."Everyone in the United States was after this deal.

What Andra did is she flew across the country to the CEO's house and introduced herself on his doorstep. Andra had a hunch she could make some money if she managed to convince the CEO to give her his stock of surplus memory chips and let her turn around and sell them.

The one-and-half-year-old toddler, who had been in the care of a housekeeper, drowned. "Both the brothers had provided us a list of names of people who had been involved in extensive litigation with Brad and Andra.""Ashton said that when the detectives came and asked him who they thought that might kill Andra … He may have seen comments on a website criticizing Andra's business practices: "Frankly, Andra and Brad are exactly where they belong.

After that tragedy, Brad and Andra's marriage apparently shattered. And according to relatives, Andra cut Brad out of the money. then came that terrible night in February 2014."This was an incredibly brutal scene. Six feet below the surface being cannibalized by the same insects who they had their tenants live with in their rentals.""Money, sex, and revenge …

Lesley Summers and Stephanie Garber are Andra Sachs' sisters. "They even had a knock-down, drag-out fight and filed a police report."As quickly as it started, the battle ended; the fighting was over and the divorce was finalized. those are the three -- motivations for somebody to commit a murder," Thompson explained.

"It was a really contentious divorce," said Garber."They battled for custody … "And there were quite a few people who were angry with Andra.""Where the -- the trail led us was …

Is there any reason you'd want to hurt Andra and Brad Sachs? It was a clue discovered 1,200 miles north of the crime scene, in Seattle, Washington."It's quite -- frequent on our cases that we do wanna dive into phone records, 'cause that tells a lot for the case," said Montano."There was a phone call placed to an auto transport company," he continued."The caller had requested transportation of a vehicle from an address in San Juan Capistrano, which happened to be a commercial property owned by the Sachs, up to Seattle," Thompson explained."We learn that there's a white Prius that they have held in a storage facility," Montano said. with the search warrant in hand they search the car."And when they opened the trunk, they discovered a gold mine."Inside the white Prius, Seattle P. detectives found a .22-caliber long rifle that was … My heart was beating really fast and I knew it wasn't normal. I walked around for 10 or 15 minutes, went upstairs. drove his him straight to John Wayne Airport…around I wanna say," said Montano."He gets on the wifi, does some internet surfing and some other stuff and then flies back home," said Thompson.

Meghann Cuniff, a reporter for the Orange County Register, was one of the first reporters on the scene."What happened up there was shocking. ' She says, 'no.'""They'd been shot multiple times in the face," Leonard said. She also told everyone just how humble Andra's beginnings were.

It was eerie," she told "48 Hours.""This is what the Sachs' 17-year-old daughter told authorities about that night," Cuniff continued, reading from a grand jury transcript. He couldn't feel his legs.'"Who would attack a family, crippling an 8-year-old child and unleashing hell on his sleeping parents? "The shooter had left no room for these people not to be killed … It stunned the whole community.""This is the OC; this is the Orange County Riviera as it's called. She started out as a potato chip salesperson."I don't know if you guys all knew this, stocking shelves as a retail Frito Lay, Brocks, salesperson," Lifshultz told the congregation.

First it was a pool accident 15 years before the murders.

With Brad and Andra away at work, their daughter Sabrina fell in. parents killed in their bed,"said Cuniff."Brad and Andra had a number of business conflicts with various parties," Orange County Sheriff's Investigator Mike Thompson said. And Ashton may have had good reason for his suspicions.

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