Updating wordpress

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Manual Update Via FTPYou can update Word Press manually via FTP.

It is very important that you follow these steps closely so you do not accidentally delete your personal plugin or theme data or other items.

This file will give you an overview of new features, improvements, bug fixes or any other changes in the new version.

If you find these changes irrelevant or unimportant, you can skip the update. Whenever something doesn’t go as planned, you can always restore.

Be sure to reactivate any plugins you deactivated before the updated process.

For detailed information on manual updates, see the extended update instructions in the Word Press Codex.

We recommend that you follow the Before You Update steps above before performing a manual update.

Before updating any Word Press themes, it’s wise to prepare everything carefully to prevent any loss of settings or customization you have made to your site.Automatic Updates Beginning with Word Press version 3.7, automatic updates for minor releases (which include things like maintenance, stability, and security enhancements) are enabled by default.Some hosts allow you to also enable automatic updates for major releases (for example, version 3.7.x to version 3.8).You can directly test the latest version of the theme, track the bugs and check if all plugins are working fine before applying to your live site.You can also refer to this instruction on Codex to get a clear overview of theme updating in Word Press, such as when to update, what should and should not be done, etc.

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