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In September, Mail Online reported about an unspecified website that allows ‘home hackers’ to spy on people through internet-connected cameras.About a week ago, Motherboard‘s Joseph Cox also reported on the website without explicitly mentioning the website’s URL in his article.This is a good idea for privacy advocates, but it's also a great way to keep your computer from freezing up and malfunctioning.Be very cautious when surfing the Web and downloading files; some programs include adware that will report your surfing habits back to a third-party company that will then use that information to send you ads and unwanted emails, otherwise known as spam.

Think carefully before following links, opening files, or watching videos sent to you by friends or organizations.

Web browsing habits are tracked via cookies, search engines routinely change their privacy policies, and there are always challenges to Web privacy by both private and public organizations.

Here are a few common sense tips that can help you guard your Web privacy and stay safe online.

From pictures of backyards to schoolyards, detention centres to daycare centers, and even living rooms, you can watch them all on

After browsing the website for a while, I saw many pictures of recognizable people having a coffee or working at their office.

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