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Books and publications are now listed separately before the main section. _ [though it parses to "Guards Not-Guards Not" for the shell bound, or "Guards-store Guards-store" for those who go Forth [thank you Norman! M _Maskerade_ [from "Maskerade, not Mort"] MP _Moving Pictures_; Military Police; member of parliament. _Eric_) indicate that the abbreviation is of one of Pterry(Terry Pratchett)'s titles, or one commonly referred to by the abbreviation. MAA _Men at Arms_ [also "[email protected]"] MR _Monstrous Regiment_; Discworld novel published November 2003 M!commercial tv in the uk is provided by the ITV (q.v.) network, and C4 & S4C (q.v.); latterly, the overtly populist C5 has started transmission, to almost universal apathy. channels (BBC1 with regional varia- tions); R(adio) 1, R2, R3, R4, R5 (q.v.) = national radio channels. ("By the time we got to Flitworth's, we were half a hundred strong..." C. there remains an unknown probability that non-new form cjd cases amongst farm-workers may have been caused by exposure to organo-phosphates. -) and as a generic magical lotion of great strength and most efficacious, as in "pass the corflu", but strictly NBM (q.v.) (from fandom).the beeb has broadcast radio dramatisations of a number of Disc- world books, t.v. Daftpabank Not exactly an acronym but the birthdays list of afpers past and present.T5E is the preferred acronym on the newsgroups - TFE is here for information.

TLF _The Light Fantastic_; three-line followup TLH _The Last Hero_ large format book illustrated by Paul Kidby, published November 2001 TSo D _The Science of Discworld_, published June 1999. Again written with Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen and discussing evolution, intelligence and other roundworld topics. TOC, To C "Theatre of Cruelty" dw short story, originally published in Bookcase 45, W. Smith's promotional magazine "Bookcase, 45, July/August '93; now expanded, it has very kindly been made available by pterry for our private reading pleasure [on AIUI, aiui as i understand it aka also known as - indicating alternate title(s), especially of a (orig'lly. nothing whatsoever to do with the monk^H^H^H^H^H "a.k.a.") *any* recently reformed sixties pop-group created by don kirshner. ") ish 'net behaviour of users posting via a certain ISP (q.v.), but neither restricted to their users, nor universal to them [it just *seems* like it, sometimes...])(is losing capitalisation as it be- comes generic through common usage - frequently in triplicate...) APF the Annotated Pratchett File - please consult this, before posting aught you suspect may be a new gem, for herein is contained the distilled wisdom (or something that passes for the same) of AFP (q.v.)'s elucidation, elaboration and upon occasion even explan- ation of the arcane or other obscure significance or references employed by Pterry, as compiled by AFP (q.v.)'s indefatigable leo the beauteous; the current version is apf 9.0 and is to be found at asl American Sign Language (see also BSL) ASR, asr reptiles (see LART); anti-submarine reconaissance [radar] ATB all the best ATM, atm at the moment; automatic teller machine (bank "hole in the wall"); asynchronous transfer mode. _may_ have originated from the inclusion in cattlefeed of "byproducts" of sheep infected with scrapie (but this is not *known*, sfaiaa); causes "new form CJD" (q.v.) in human beans. "encephalitis" is _inflammation_ of the organ, and may well prove to be treatable.A-M Ankh-Morpork AMCWD Ankh-Morpork City Watch Diary [for the year 1999 A. see also next item: ATM-D, mended-drum - a newsgroup set up by afpers and atm-d ex-afpers to recapture and enforce what they believe to be the now-dead true spirit of afp. (thank-you for pointing out my error, iain.) Bsky B British Sky Broadcasting, the UK's main satellite network; part of that truly fine merkin (q.v.) citizen, rupert "the dirty digger" murdoch,'s trans- and extra-planetary empire. - hell; etc.] BTW, btw by the way c/s cycles per second (see Hz) C3Bs see CCCBs C4 Channel Four; the commercial fourth uk national tv channel (save for the welsh, who have S4C (q.v.)).bot-moderated, bouncing articles which are not to the librarian's liking: ask of an active atm-d-er for advice as to the manner of mollification necessary to avoid such a fate This group died through lack of content. counting is retrograde, by the number of years by which a given year preceded the start of the C. Divested himself of Oz citizenship in order gain US media ownership^W^Wcitizenship. have run the Cosgrove Hall animations of _Truckers_, and _Wyrd Sisters_, and _Soul Music_ in autumn 1997 [see also BBC, ITV, S4C and C5] C5 Channel Five; the commercial fifth uk national tv channel (save for most of the uk, which cannot yet receive it, except by cable [or, possibly, satellite]).B5 Babylon 5: merkin tv sf series, developed very well indeed after something of an ordinary start, producing some of the most intriguing, retrospective intensive recomplications of plot and interpretations of both images and events seen in dramatic sfnal performance since The Rocky Horror (Picture) Show (with which it bears little, if any, other similarity); this especially true of the third series (year's) programmes. a system for dating years prior to the first year C. (US law frowns on too much foreign media ownership, unlike the UK's;) BSL big scary looming (BSL Simes, originally) (coined by domini joann); also British Sign Language (see also ASL) BTDT Been There, Done That BTDTGTTS Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt BTSOOM beats the shit out of me [also .. specialises in total rubbish; but also runs some good films - some recent - in amongst the dross.

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