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Nothen, Sreekumar Pillai, Marcella Rietschel, Dan Rujescu, Ann Schwartz, Christopher I. Bierut Natural Plasmodium infection in monkeys in the state of Rondônia (Brazilian Western Amazon), Maisa S.

Clore Impacts of Black Box Warning, National Coverage Determination, and Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies on the Inpatient On-Label and Off-label Use of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents, Arpamas Seetasith IMPLICATIONS OF CHILD ABDUCTION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND CHILD WELFARE SYSTEMS: A CONSTRUCTIVIST INQUIRY OF THE LIVED EXPERIENCE OF GUATEMALAN MOTHERS PUBLICALLY REPORTING CHILD ABDUCTION FOR INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTION, Carmen Monico Improving the diagnosis of meningitis due to enterovirus and herpes simplex virus I and II in a tertiary care hospital, Eduardo Casaroto, Alexandre R. Coelho, Joao Renato Rebello Pinho, Roberta Sitnik, Fernando Colombari, Elivane Silva Victor, Nair Hideko Muto, Carlos Senne, Oscar Fernando Pavão dos Santos, and Michael B. The Association of Household Food Insecurity and Obesity Prevalence Among Children and Adolescents in the United States, Zarah Liz Panaguiton Jasper Johns' Words in His Paintings, Margee Stanchfield Wright File Jesus Silva Merit Scholarship Recipients Recital, Sulaiman Popal, Stephen Marinski, Emily Roepke, Nicholas Sward, Aleah Boisseau, Ashby Pernell, and Joel Hansen JOURNEYS INTO THE UNKNOWN: A SERIES OF SCIENCE ARCHITECTURE TASKS AND EVENTS, SPACE-BOUND EXPLORATIONS AND FAR-TRAVELS, DISCOVERIES AND MISSES (NEAR AND FAR), IMAGINATIVE SPACE-GAZING AND RELATED INVESTIGATIONS, OBSERVATIONS, ORBITS, AND OTHER REPETITIOUS MONITORING TASKS, Leah Beeferman Jules, Emily Oye File Junior Recital, Anna Moore, soprano, Anna Moore, Charles Lindsey, and Brandon Hess File Junior Recital, Carsie Williams, flute, Carsie Wiliams, Bo Gao, and Lanjiabao Ge File Junior Recital, Chanel Hurt, violin, Chanel Hurt, Lanjiabao Ge, and Laura Candler-White File Junior Recital, Emily Roepke, guitar, Emily Roepke File Junior Recital, Frankie James, baritone, Charles Lindsey and Frankie James File Junior Recital, Olivia Sturgill, trumpet, Olivia Sturgill, Laura Candler-White, and VCU Trumpet Ensemble File Junior Recital, Paige Reisenfeld, soprano, Paige Reisenfeld and David Kim File Junior Recital, Rickey Blankenbaker II, clarinet, Rickey Blankenbaker II and Laura Candler-White Knowledge and Awareness of Congenital Cytomegalovirus Among Women, Jiyeon Jeon, Marcia Victor, Stuart P. Cannon Learning Through Serving: Why University-Community Collaboration is an Educational Imperative, Erin Marie Burke Brown, Sierra Croker, Taryn Dollings, Kaitlyn Donahue, Rachel Dyer, Omequa Eaddie, and Rebecca Kellerman Lipopolysaccharide-reactive immunoglobulin E is associated with lower mortality and organ failure in traumatically injured patients, Joseph T.

Webb Opportunities and Challenges of Citywide Main Street Programs: Examining the Urban Environment, Coordinating Structures and Political Realities in the Application of the Four Point Approach, Ryan Rinn Optimal set of grid size and angular increment for practical dose calculation using the dynamic conformal arc technique: a systematic evaluation of the dosimetric effects in lung stereotactic body radiation therapy, Ji-Yeon Park, Siyong Kim, Hae-Jin Park, Jeong-Woo Lee, Yeon-Sil Kim, and Tae-Suk Suh Parametric frailty models for clustered data with arbitrary censoring: application to effect of male circumcision on HPV clearance, Xiangrong Kong, Kellie Archer, Lawrence H. Gray, and Mei-Cheng Wang Partnership Institute Agenda, May 7, 2014, Partnership Institute File Partnership Institute image 1 File Partnership Institute image 10 File Partnership Institute image 11 File Partnership Institute image 12 File Partnership Institute image 13 File Partnership Institute image 14 File Partnership Institute image 2 File Partnership Institute image 3 File Partnership Institute image 4 File Partnership Institute image 5 File Partnership Institute image 6 File Partnership Institute image 7 File Partnership Institute image 8 File Partnership Institute image 9 Patient- and population-level health consequences of discontinuing antiretroviral therapy in settings with inadequate HIV treatment availability, April D.

Weinstein PCR detection of malaria parasites in desiccated Anopheles mosquitoes is uninhibited by storage time and temperature, Mark A.

Bearman Human T cells express CD25 and Foxp3 upon activation and exhibit effector/memory phenotypes without any regulatory/suppressor function, Maciej Kmieciak, Madhu Gowda, Laura Graham, Kamar Godder, Harry D.

Manjili Hypertension and hand-foot skin reactions related to VEGFR2 genotype and improved clinical outcome following bevacizumab and sorafenib, Lokesh Jain, Tristan M.

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