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Messing with jailbait carries a major risk of being subjected to dehumanizing unsafe living conditions for a long period of time. turns out her stop was also my walked a but while chatting, then i got her phone number. was too drunk to nut, but after about half an hour her friend who was passed out woke up and saw us. In America, prison is like a medieval dungeon complete with beatings/rape and the occasional murder. In Europe, the AOC is often lower to begin with, and it's not enforced as much. We'd probably also have gotten some sweet teen pussy back when it was relatively easiest to do so, i.e.: school; it may thus not have become such an obsession for many of us, borne along by a desire to fill certain holes in our past. " ……..i kerp the pep talk till we get close to my final destination.Like looking out at life and not being able to feel it.The only difference between HS me and the present, is that I'm not as numb as I used to be.its actually easier to talk/pick up a girl irl then on you fuck up even just slightly on camchat, most chicks will next you right you'll still get some chances and most of the time they don't even dick !quite literally, it doesn't go beyond that.after talking to many girls you'll realize that they're not much different then want sex you both have something the other want, and as long as you're a nice person and you find eachother attractive, you should be able to get it (sex).everything else (intelligence, money, morals,…) only matter if you want a long term relationship.i never really asked myself those questions because i don't want a long term relationship even then, there isn't much to it really.making sure that your partner is a nice person really is all that matter, everything else is optional.

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you won't love each other anymore, the only think that will keep you together will be the kids and the fact that she's still a nice is also important.Hey, nice to see more anons up in here So Chad, another question for ya.How did you get around the whole 'sperging out' thing?There must be faggots lurkin about who want tips on picking up teens.We've already established it's easier to do so than 20-somethingsthis is my fucking life at the minute, fam. Any lurkerfags still in HS, don't wait to become like us, niggerskrk, theoretically speaking, if you're gonna bang a girl that you suspect isn't legal, its preferable that she knows as little about you as possible, just in means, not using your real name, age, and certainly not bang her in your house (rent somewhere far). sorry about that, it will make you feel good and happy, but it won't erase the fuck ups you had in hey, you could tell yourself that you may have fucked up in hs but at least you didn't fuck up your adult kinda makes up for it95 % of you haven't been with teens, I have aoc is 16 here in the UK.

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