Dating someone less attractive

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In the end, despite all the media hype and stereotypes Men are just humans looking for love and companionship in a mate.

They truly do look for qualities such as virtue, whether or not a woman will be a good mother, kindness, and compatibility. While a man may not mind a few extra pounds, ( Trust me Brandon sticks by my side regardless of if I am 100lbs or 120lbs) most men, whether they are a “great guy” or a “shallow guy” do not want to be with a morbidly obese or even regularly obese woman, ESPECIALLY when looking for a life mate as those dangerous and destructive eating habits could be passed on to further generations, and can highly effect the kind of lifestyle and activities a couple can share.

They tended to not have anything else huge to contribute.

Usually their values weren't so great, or they weren't so smart, or they think because they're hot, they're more entitled to certain things or can get away with a lot more etc.

Yet when it came to who he wanted to share his life with, he chose me. Because he truly values the interests that we share, he values that we come from similar backgrounds, and that he can talk to me and feel at ease with me.

So there you have it, for those of you who have wondered why men simply don’t just marry the prettiest girl they’ve dated, its because they are looking for more than that.

I've had bad luck in relationships with good looking women.I'm not saying this is all beautiful women, just the ones I've dated.Eventually, when these other factors turn you off, it strains the relationship and the physical part doesn't matter too much anymore.Due to years of cheerleading, sorority life, and work as a part time actress, I have been surrounded by beautiful women most of my adult life.Throughout my years of observation I began to see a pattern develop, the most beautiful women I knew never seemed to have a shortage of “male problems” and heartache.

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