Seeing someone you know on a dating site

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Like Anna, I was polite and responded, “Omg, it’s been forever. ” I was horrified when he answered back asking for my phone number, saying that I should give him a chance because he’s “not the same person he used to be back in the day.” Ugh, I wanted to die!

You’re browsing the local talent on Ok Cupid or Tinder and suddenly, there in the crowd, is someone you know.

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I’ve heard horror stories of people ending relationships only to have their first match be the person they just split up with. You’re most likely a similar age and have similar interests.

A Jen And Men reader named Anna recently sent an email to Jen And [email protected], sharing her hatred of being seen by someone she knows on a dating site.

I think it’s a great topic to discuss because, with the amount of people on these online dating sites these days, you’re bound to run into people you know (I certainly have).

This can be a sticky situation, made stickier still by the sites that announce to people that you have viewed their profile (cough… The reality of our world these days is that everyone and their mother (literally) is using the Internet to find love.

When I was in middle school my father met his now wife on Craigslist and it seemed so WORLDS away from anything I would ever do.

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