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Abdul-Rauf suspension was lifted after one day when he agreed to stand during the anthem but pray silently in his hands.No NBA players have come forth publicly yet to say they don't intend stand for the national anthem.The proposed rule would dovetail with § 605 of FDASIA which directs FDA to develop an improved device recall assessment program that would, at a minimum, identify: The proposed unique identifier system is expected to capture the information necessary to allow FDA to fulfill this requirement.The proposed rule would require medical device manufacturers—including a specification developer, a single-use device reprocessor, a convenience kit assembler, a repackager, a relabeler, or any other person who applies a label to or modifies a label on a device that will not be modified again before sale—to place a unique device identifier ("UDI") on the label and packaging of medical devices both in plain-text and also using automatic identification and data capture ("AIDC") technology.On July 10, 2012, the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") published a proposed rule implementing Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act ("FD&C Act") provisions establishing a unique device identification system for medical devices.Section 226 of FDAAA amended the FD&C Act to add new section 519(f), which directs FDA to promulgate regulations establishing a unique device identification system for medical devices: "Unique Device Identification System.Discussing the matter at the annual board of governors meeting in New York, Silver told reporters, "It would be my hope that they continue to stand for the national anthem." Silver highlighted the league's preference to take meaningful action -- such as when they removed the All-Star Game from North Carolina -- when faced with social issues and opportunities to make an impact.

On Tuesday, Curry said during a Q&A session at the Tech Crunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco that he'll most likely stand for anthem this upcoming season, according to Mercury News.

Instead, the manufacturer must submit identifying information to the GUDID including inter alia: FDA would aggregate the manufacturer-provided information in a new Global Unique Device Identification Database ("GUDID").

This public database would allow a physician to scan or manually enter the UDI of a device at a patient's bedside and quickly access complete information regarding the device's key attributes and proper use instructions.

FDA intentionally did not identify the particular type of AIDC technology to be used.

The proposed rule would leave the decision of whether to use technology like an advanced barcode or a radio frequency identifier (RFID) to the manufacturer allowing for flexibility and advancements in technology.

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