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Not having a glowing television beckoning to me allows me the freedom to, say, go on longer walks in the afternoon with my dogs. Sure, you could argue that I could still live by my own schedule if I had a Ti Vo or other DVR, but the truth is, I'd still be a slave to the shows I recorded.

Back when I used to watch TV regularly, I would get so incredibly grumpy if I couldn't make time to see my favorite shows. I've always liked radio better than television, and I'm happy to live in an area where we have a good public radio station. In the same way that books allow your imagination to run wild, radio gives you the words and the freedom to create scenes in your mind.

Usually, I don't get more than a half hour of reading in before I start to doze off, but I can get through one book a month that way.

I love the internet — it's where I get the majority of my news, entertainment, and extracurricular writing.

For me, it's not about the money; at least, not directly.

It is about the following: I'm the kind of person who can veg in front of the television for hours.

I can watch movies online through Netflix or Hulu, or on my DVD player in my laptop.

I've never been one to tout the big screen experience — to me, seeing a movie on a small screen is just as rewarding as seeing it at the theater.

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While saving money on a cable bill is a good impetus for some people to cut the cable, I already pay a month for internet, and cable wouldn't cost me that much more; a mere . It's the story of a young psychic prodigy named Razputin Aquato ("Raz" for short) who runs away from his home in the circus (an inversion of the usual run away to the circus trope) to sneak into Whispering Rock, a government training camp for child psychics like himself. " (2005) is an action adventure game from Double Fine Productions, headed by former Lucasarts employee Tim Schafer. I haven't lived in a house with a set in over 5 years.I spend my days largely television-free, and I actually like it.

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