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In a few seconds a message will tell you that your PSP has been patched successfully, and pressing X will turn off the PSP.

Finally you have upgraded your PSP to the latest and greatest custom firmware.

This is perfectly OK, because the M33 Creator is doing it’s work in the background. Look into the applications menu again, and you should see another application called the “M33 Upgrade 3.52”.

After you have run it, you will be shown a disclaimer and asked to press the X key to confirm.

This patch will fix any bugs since the original release, and it will introduce a few more features.

The procedure to apply this patch is quite simple; just navigate into the applications menu and run the app called M33Update #4.

* Warning: There is an incompatibility between 3.30 savedata and later ones.

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But it was not so, a few days later a Russian hacker team called M33 debuted their own custom firmware, which has now superseded Dark _Alex’s OE firmwares as number one.

This is custom firmware business, and tinkering around with it without proper information and knowledge could lead to bricking.

And if you're having fun using their custom firmware, why not send the M33 team a few votes of encouragement for their hard work via a donation or two to their Paypal account?

Make sure to check back often for updates on M33 firmwares, and all-in-one packages!

And if you come across any problems with this tutorial, I suggest you visit the ur PSP forums and post your query there.

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