Dating hooters girl

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A waitress replied: “Officially, we need to be wearing at least blusher/ broznzer, lipgloss and mascara but any time a girl has worn the bare minimum, she's gotten in trouble.When I applied, I opted for a more natural look and was told that I needed to wear more makeup.”One user asked how the company get around basing much of their hiring process on looks.How can you tell if a girl/guy likes you in a country where ‘yes’ can mean ‘no’?Or read peoples’ emotions where pretty much no-one wears their heart on their sleeve?A guy named Wesley tried to ask a Hooters girl, Alex, out on Facebook -- not knowing that she was already attached.Her boyfriend Ryan jokingly responded, "Can I come too?

Jordan Ozuna was banging the Biebs back in 2014 ... She also worked as a bottle girl there at a famous hotel and casino before moving to L.

There are also days where you serve a table for hours and they rack up 0-0 tabs and leave you tips.

The owners of Hooters (at least Colorado locations) SUCK!!!

They don't give an EFF about their girls or the store managers.

Girls are also kind of rude when you first start, but hang in there, they get nice if you're good at your job.

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