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No Swede ever could say no to coffee, cake or a Valentine's date. They're sticklers for rules If you want a bit of spontaneity in your relationship, you have picked the wrong nationality. Your Swedish date will prefer to take the bus or metro (at least in the city traffic hell that is Stockholm). Sweden's a great place for singles Love is great, but it can be a hassle.

Sweden is a country where the buses are on time and your Swedish date expects you to be, too. Subtly impress them instead with understatements, gender equality and by arriving on time. They'll make you eat weird stuff Swedes love being noticed by foreigners. Fed up with trying to decipher the reserved Swedes? It's the best country for being single, with several laws designed to make it easier for people to enjoy life without a partner.

1) They're beautiful We know appearance isn't everything, but let's face it, Swedes are the best looking people on earth.

Swedish people constantly top the lists of the most attractive people in the world, and why would that not be at least a good starting reason to snag one for yourself?

Don't even think about whisking them away for a surprise mini break – some of them might enjoy the thrill, but you run the risk of ending up with a nervous wreck on your hands. They will rush to make you try all the country's national and regional delicacies (we use the word 'delicacies' in a liberal sense here). According to this study, one in four Swedes live alone, the highest number in Europe. ), nobody will judge you for enjoying Valentine's Day on your own or with a group of friends.

Swedes like to plan, they like to schedule, they like to know what's going on. They are difficult to impress In Sweden, individual success is inappropriate. While we agree there are few things better than cinnamon rolls, Swedes also eat some pretty strange stuff, ranging from fermented fish, to pickled herring, to extremely salted liquorice.

In my opinion, this is yet another sign that the language is still too young.”“If you’re worried about code quality and robustness, then start writing tests.As there’s no virtual machine involved to run your code, the app will use less resources than one that relies upon a virtual machine.”“Admittedly, most programming languages do not have a dependency manager; the fact that Go has one is cool.It’s nice that dependencies can be expressed within the same files where the dependant code resides.This leads to all sorts of errors, like different contributors using different versions of the libraries, or code that used to work breaking because a dependency has been changed.”“Go enforces you to use a specific coding style, but it provides you with the tools to easily format your code by following the rules. You have two different sets of codes (in Go they’re called “packages”) that were not designed to be dependent on each other but at some point they have become so.No longer will you be left with a mish-mash of coding styles depending on who wrote the code.”“Circular dependencies are not permitted. Applying the generally-accepted best practice in software engineering, you should refactor your code to either remove this dependency or make it a single package (since one cannot exist without the other).

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