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His biggest fear was, because of being away from music, the fans would move on to other singers.” When Elvis wanted to see her again, her parents still resisted. Priscilla revealed that to avoid the press, they sneaked away from Las Vegas’ Aladdin Hotel at 3 a.m. “Elvis was a great dad,” Priscilla pointed out, even though he “was a nervous wreck” on that day and they drove to the wrong hospital. “I didn’t let her have it much because she was three! “Even when she lost a tooth, he gave her five bucks. ’” But Elvis would say, “She’s Elvis Presley’s daughter!

Elvis was a doting dad, but “he had a hard time watching babies eat because they’d be drooling all over,” she remarked; she’d bring Lisa to the table after she’d been fed. ” Things changed between the couple after Lisa’s birth.

Instantly smitten, he began dating the stunning teen; the couple kept in touch after he returned home, with Beaulieu occasionally visiting her beau in the USA.

In 1963, she moved there for good — under strict conditions put forward by her parents, who expected that Elvis would ultimately marry her.

“They’re very, very special to me.” And she finds comfort in the fact that Elvis is still so beloved. “He was so much a part of my life in every way,” Priscilla said. My confidante, my husband, my everything.” Priscilla Presley Reflects on Her Favorite Memories With Elvis Presley: "I Feel His Spirit Here" Priscilla Presley Remembers the Best Gift She Ever Got From Husband Elvis Presley (EXCLUSIVE) Priscilla Presley on Her Marriage to Elvis Presley: "He Never Saw Me Without Makeup!

“He never would have believed that his popularity is still going and people still love and care for him,” she said.

Their first meeting in September 1959 set Priscilla and Elvis on a course that changed both their lives.

Through their nearly eight-year courtship, battles with her parents, wedding jitters, and the birth of their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, the couple became one of the most-watched in the world.

As is well known, he met 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu during his stint in the Army, while serving in Germany.After sowing a few remaining wild oats — see the entry on Ann-Margret — Elvis did tie the knot with Priscilla, in 1967.They welcomed their only child, Lisa Marie, the following year. In her 1985 memoir, Elvis and Me, Priscilla suggested that her husband's sexual interest in her waned once she became a mother, and confessed that she eventually sought consolation in an affair with a karate instructor, Mike Stone.(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Priscilla still remembers the thrill of meeting Elvis for the first time. But there were early obstacles — namely, her parents.When she asked permission to attend a party to which she’d been invited with the entertainer, “My father said, ‘Absolutely not!

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