Validating social security number

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You can visit the following page for more information on using the services they provide: Validating a Social Security Number using the Social Security Number .

Use the Social Security Number Verification Service provided by Social Security Online to verify employee Social Security Numbers and ensure correct information is presented for each employee on the annual Internal Revenue Service (IRS) required employee wage reports.

That’s why most websites asking for a Social Security number provide three different input fields, in order to eliminate the variations.

Regular expressions should not be used in place of good form design.

Let’s break this one down to see what is going on: ^ # Start of expression (?!

2|0) # Don't allow "219-09-999" or "0" explicitly (?!

The numbers in a Social Security number can be matched with the digit special character (The second two sets of numbers can be defined using the same criteria.In addition, there is no way to actually validate that the number given is an actual Social Security number, unless you have more information about the person, and a database with all Social Security numbers.All you’re doing with the regular expression is verifying the format of the number.A Social Security Number Scan uses Social Security Administration guidelines and various databases to determine whether a Social Security Number is valid and where and when it was issued.The primary use of a Social Security Number Scan is to provide an inexpensive independent third-party source of name and address history that can be used when running criminal record checks.

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