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Most karaoke bars are staffed with attractive, usually Asian, hostesses who will sit and entertain you as long as you buy drinks for them.Hostess drinks range from up and rarely have any alcoholic content.Consequently, you may hear Karaoke bars referred to as “buy me drinkee” bars.Customer drinks range from to for beer and starting at for call drinks.You will see Chamorro’s and Haole’s (Caucasians) as well.No matter how bad you may sound, it will be your turn in the spotlight and the rest of the club will always give you a big hand for your effort.The Trench is one of the most popular nightclubs on Guam and always packed.

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Since the old building was trashed by a typhoon and the trench moved into their current location, they have expanded into a large restaurant and nightclub.

On the downside, most of the neighborhood bars are not located conveniently to the limited Guam public transportation or to hotels, so a designated driver, or taxi, is always a good idea.

There are too many neighborhood bars on Guam to list them all.

The newest, and probably best, beach bar and grill on Guam.

The Beach is an outdoor bar under thatched roof directly on Gun Beach.

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