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Other opportunities this time of year include work-from-home call center positions.

Most seasonal jobs don't have many special requirements beyond a high school diploma or GED, and companies usually provide training and uniforms, if needed.

The different types of meltwater drainage systems could raise different possibilities for ice sheet stability.

A constellation of melt ponds helped to destabilize the Larsen B ice shelf by absorbing more solar energy and seeping into crevasses in the ice and causing it to further fracture.

These systems had been around for decades and while some were stationary ponds, others were made up of streams that transported water as far as 75 miles and fed melt ponds, the largest of which, on the Amery Ice Shelf, reached 50 miles long. “And it’s been [forming] since 1973 and we didn’t really know about it.” Most of the melt ponds and streams form near rock outcrops or bluish ice exposed by the sharp winds that scour snow from the surface; these features are darker than the surrounding ice and so absorb more solar energy.

In one paper, the team took a closer look at the system they found on the Nansen Ice Shelf, which was first observed during the Shackleton and Scott expeditions.

No comprehensive view of Antarctica’s surface melt features existed.

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“It shows that we’re just starting to understand” the complexities of such systems and that we need “more sophisticated views of the plumbing on our planet,” study co-author Robin Bell, a polar researcher at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, said.But an efficient river system like that found on Nansen could actually protect the ice shelf, Bell and her colleagues posit.By quickly exporting meltwater from the ice sheet, the river could prevent that energy absorption and infiltration of cracks.The continent’s vast ice sheets contain enough ice to raise global sea levels by nearly 200 feet were it all to melt, though even partial melt could cause vulnerable coastal areas that are home to millions to be gradually claimed by the sea.Most of the work to understand the melt of Antarctica’s ice shelves and glaciers has concentrated on the effects of warm ocean waters lapping away at them from below, not the surface meltwater produced by warming air temperatures.

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