Framemaker toc not updating

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In the Project Manager, right-click on HTML Files (Topics) and select Link Frame Maker Document Select the appropriate Frame Maker or file.

If you don’t have one set up correctly, you’ll have to do it.

I haven’t altered the text of the entries or their page numbers, just applied formatting from the paragraph designer.

Clicking “default font” doesn’t restore applied formats.

Although you can use the formatting applied to your Fm content to format your Rh output, you may find that the results are difficult to manage, and that the code is a bit “heavy.” To create a more manageable process, you can define the formatting of your help and online output within Robo Help using (by default) the RHStyle file.

In Robo Help, select File Edit Map the content of your Fm book to improve the control over your online formatting and the overall quality of the HTML you’ll use to create online help, e Books, and any other Rh output formats.

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