Updating firmware on pap2

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FIRST TIME READERS: It's suggested you start with the 2006-11-14 post below, then read up (newer posts), then if you have the interest read the older posts (nearer the bottom). a guide to SPA-2000 settings—essentially the same device from what I can tell: spa2000.pdf2010-2-7WARNING!!!

The following is a list of updates tracking the progress of unlocking the Linksys PAP15-2-18After pulling my old ATA out of a box in the attic, I realized I had to unlock the damn thing again because I forgot the password completely—It took quite some searching to get it right and to find the right files. Do not buy PAP2 v1 boxes at this time, since there is too much of a risk you will get a v3.1.7 box or higher.

To this date, my PAP2v1 unit that undergone this jumper shorting is still operating normally as before.

This is all I can say about shorting the two outer PINs on the SW1 block.

I'm not uber enough to find the TCP window size on linux, so I am unable to continue my unlock attempt.2007-07-03Hello All, I did the Short Jumper at the PAP2v1 (like the figure below) this only do a Reset like the reset by the IVR **** 73738# 1 to Confirm it doen´t work.So, if you want to do this, do it at your own discretions and I take no responsibility of any mishaps.2007-02-23There is a graphic that I saw that purports to show the location of reset jumper pads on the majority of newer PAP-2 version 1 boards, which apparently do not have the jumper pins and shorting block that older boards have.In the photo below, there are red circles around the purported jumper pads (to the right of the phone line jacks).The way I finally got around this and forced it to eat the Sipura firmware was by using Dr TCP (normally used to change MTU) to change the window size of the TCP packets to 20000 on the ethernet adapter the HTTP was listening on. I presume they made the http request with a huge TCP packet size to attempt to prevent "unauthorized" upload of firmware.I'd like to know if anyone else has gotten it to work this way.2007-02-25The PAP2v1 units I have are all based on v0.03.4 board where the SW1 block has four jumper PINs (exactly as shown on the snapshot below).

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