Dating anne adams patterns

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(You're probably more familiar with transfers are composed of solid lines.) Designs often were offered in a choice of blue ink (for white or light fabrics) or yellow (to show up on dark fabrics).Expect to find only one or other in an envelope: although it may be marked "blue and yellow," there should be a separate stamp telling which actually is enclosed.

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If the design is composed of small dots, it's a Numo style pattern.Whenever possible information has been checked with two or more sources and educated guesses are identified as such.There's a lot of information here, but many questions remain unanswered.Old catalogs are scarce (or non-existent), companies have gone out of business -- histories and product lines have to be pieced together from scraps of information scattered across web pages and collections.So here's a launching place for research about the designs and the major companies that produced embroidery transfers dating back to the late 1800s.

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