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The Nintendo Gameboy do not have a separate soundchip. Also, there is no soundchip in the Apple II, but there is a 16 channel 8 bit Ensoniq ES5503 DOC wavetable soundchip in the Apple IIGS (GS = Graphics and Sound).

More informations about soundchips on x68000In 1991, few artists (as 4-Mat and Random Voice) composed modules (MOD, IT...) with big chip influences, on digital trackers. These chiptunes are 'sample based' because no real soundchip are used.

The Maroon 5 frontman has been romantically involved with not one but two Victoria's Secret models (aka two more than most of us will ever dream to achieve.) After dating Anne Vyalitsyna for two years, Adam later linked up with Behati Prinsloo, to whom he became engaged in July 2013.

The Harlem-born rapper/self-proclaimed 'Fashion Killa' linked up with supermodel Chanel Iman (named after the eponymous supermodel spouse of David Bowie) sometime around early 2013, and the two have seemed perfectly happy (and sexy) since then.

The couple briefly rekindled things in 2008, but apparently it didn't stick.They ended their common-law marriage in 1999, but they do have four (very rich) children together.After almost seven years together, not even a kiss from a rose could save the supermodel and singer's marriage. The couple have three children together, and they're probably going to grow up to be ridiculously good-looking.Also, many emulators exist : chiptrackers, audio plugins (VST, AU, RTAS)...Example of a chiptune in a synthesis emulator : Sz1l1 - Benny Hill Theme This term define all music genres referring more or less to 8-bit sound. Inside 'chipmusic' term, we can find other terms : - 8-bit music - Amigacore - Bitpop - Blippblopp or Blip-blop - Chipbreak or Chipcore - Chiptune - Chip Metal or Bleep Metal - Chipnoise - Chipstyle - Bitpop - Fakebit - Gameboy music - Lo-fi or Low-Fi music - Low-bit - Microchip - Micromusic - Nerdcore or Chip-hop - Nintendocore - Retro-music - Skweee Sure, all styles are represented. More and more professional and non-professional artists use these typical 8-bit sounds !

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    I did get this too though, Gemini re-issue, seriously quality house music: IWr GDWKv Ha4 Also got the XX remix of Florence and the Machine, a seriously wicked re-imagining of this tune: h1l4p DXbkic I picked up an original pressing of Lil Louis Vega's French Kiss from my local record store the the other day, only to get home play it and find out there's an area of the record which looks like someone has tried to clean with an iron brush...

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