Gentoo profile updating instructions

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That said, let's get ready and start installing Gentoo.

Gentoo is mirrored in many locations, so we suggest you pick one mirror close to you and start downloading.

We always trust Heanet, so we got our ISO from there.

Since Gentoo is a rolling release distro, it offers new iso images periodically.

Here there's an advantage and a disadvantage : if you use Gentoo on an older machine, it will take longer (days, maybe) to have it up and running just the way you want it.

Often an upgraded package will install in a new slot, rather than replacing the previous version.

Sometimes the old version will continue to be the system default, even though there’s a newer version available. GCC, and certain other packages such as My SQL, require the system administrator to explicitly select which version should be used.

Multiple versions of GCC can be installed side-by-side in a Gentoo GNU/Linux system.

This article is a quick overview of GCC profiles and how to manage them.

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