Dating in college freshman year

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Don’t get stuck on the ones that are taken, you don’t deserve to have to wait around.If…you haven't completely cut off loose ends yet either.Let’s face it, leaving home doesn’t necessarily mean completely leaving behind old flames. But really, you are now on a campus with countless people and it is perfectly normal to want to let loose and enjoy your newfound freedom.You may have started college with a high school sweetheart still in tow, while you still had a “thing” with someone back home, or with a still-mending heart from a recent breakup. Go to your first frat party, explore the city, maybe have a few flings and just enjoy the year. If…you get tired of the one else seems to get bored.From hanging out and watching TV in each other's rooms to meeting in the dining hall for every meal, we spent more than enough time together.Then, slowly but surely, things started fizzling out between us, and I started realizing I had invested literally no energy into making friends of my own.It is normal to still have feelings for those you have left behind, just remember to also embrace the opportunity around you. The first few weeks of freshman year have flown by and although the parties and activities have been fun, you feel like you just want someone to talk to on a consistent basis.

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Who knows, maybe you’ll end up married to the president someday, or even better, maybe you’ll be the president.

I was so close to my friends from home that there was a part of me that genuinely thought making any new friends was sort of cheating on the ones I already had.

So, I decided I would focus my attention on boys instead.

You just want a nice conversation rather than the occasional “what are you doing tonight? Maybe the prospect of dating this soon after being hurt just isn’t an option. There are so many other things to focus on and enjoy freshman year. You aren’t even sure if you’re in the right classes, let alone ready to start the dating game. you’re afraid you’ll be limiting yourself socially.

You are free now and college should be a time of self-discovery. How do you ask for their number without being obvious? No one seems to want to make the first move, so just go ahead and do it. Dating someone freshman year may feel as though you are cutting yourself off from potential friendships and opportunities.

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