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Welcoming Lord Callanan to DEx EU on Friday, Brexit Secretary David Davis said: “He brings with him a wealth of experience in Brussels and a proven ability in political leadership.The right to paid holiday in the UK was introduced as part of the European working time directive while the 1992 EU pregnant workers directive led to “substantial improvements in health and safety protections for expectant and new mothers in the workplace,” according to the Trade Union Congress.They added: “It gave women paid time off for ante-natal appointments and placed duties on employers to assess risks and to adjust working conditions, transfer a pregnant or breastfeeding worker to alternative work or suspend them on paid leave where harm is identified.” In a previous blog on the website Conservative Home in 2008 Lord Callanan described the Working Time Directive as “typical of the EU’s prescriptive and uniform approach to workplace regulation”.He continued: “It also just one of many hundreds of damaging health and safety rules emanating from Brussels that act as a break on our economy.

This is an essential step if we are ever to break free from the debilitating effects of EU regulation on our country.” Owen Tudor, head of the TUC’s European Union and International Relations Department, told “Nobody voted for Brexit to make their working life harder, or to lose their rights at work.These rules protect pregnant workers and prevent people from being overworked.They improve the lives of millions of working people in Britain.Do you know someone who works in any of these industries? [email protected] Morning dug deeper into "the only commandment that's repeated twice - for doing it and thinking about it": infidelity.They spoke with @Esther Perel, @Dr Helen Fisher and #ashleymadison to figure out just why people cheat and why it's still a taboo. Check out @CBSSunday on Feb.18 to see an inside look into the world of infidelity.

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