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“They were converted Bedford vans – with up to 30 seats inside and an aisle down the middle – and they were designed to go round the country to show educational films to young working people to demonstrate how the factories they were working in could be improved.” Fifty years on, Bragg has commandeered one of Wilson’s cinemas-on-wheels for an educational crusade of his own.He has used it to make Reel History of Britain, an ambitious new 20-part documentary series which starts on Monday on BBC Two.

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However, there are examples of Oriental paintings that depict Chinese fishermen using reels of various sizes that date to the twelfth century.

Below is the earliest known depiction of a reel titled Angler on a Wintry Lake, a painting by Ma Yuan, c1195.

Until the 1800’s the reel was used primarily as a storage device for excess line.

In the first week alone – the episodes air back-to-back, Monday to Friday, for a month – Bragg’s mobile cinema plays host to wartime evacuees, 1950s teens, party people from the Roaring Twenties and veterans of the First World War.

In many cases, reuniting people with their past lives proved an emotional experience.

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