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Some online dating scammers post photos and profiles designed to lure singles to “chat.” The, unsuspecting victims fall under their spell and are bilked out of hundreds and thousands of dollars. Several months and many lies later, he’d drained her bank account of 0,000. We meet Marlene in author Carole Brody Fleet’s new book, due out in April 2016, “When Bad Things Happens to Good Women.” Fleet also spent some time on Internet matchmaking sites, giving her expertise in spotting fakers.

Marlene (not her real name), an attractive, educated and successful woman, sought pen pals through online dating sites after her husband died. “Don’t be so anxious to get a date for Valentine’s Day that you jeopardize your own safety,” Fleet says.

Perform a Google Image search on the person’s photo.

Fraudsters often use profiles stolen off the Web from modeling agencies or military sites.

If you are not sure or it if doesn't feel right, don’t be intimidated into feeling you must meet them.

If you do decide to meet up and feel that the meeting is not going well or you are feeling uncomfortable, make your excuses and leave politely.

If anything seems peculiar at any time, ask a friend for guidance or advice before proceeding.

Listen to what your friends say, and if you need a second opinion, check with us at Christian Connection.

Remember there may also be things you can say about yourself which may enable people to find you elsewhere on the internet, find out where you work or which Church you go to. And just because somebody insists on giving you his or her details does not mean you have to reciprocate and give them yours.Fortunately the vast majority of our members never encounter a situation where their safety is under threat. Just like crossing the road or meeting new people in any environment, including a Church or in the course of a job, it is usually very safe but it is necessary to take care and some precautions. At the same time, you need to do your bit to look after yourself, your friends and for the wider Christian Connection community.Once they’ve hooked you, the requests for money start.If you’re suspicious, Nofziger has some suggestions on how to find out if your potential match is actually part of an online dating scam.

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