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As you accept more challenges for individuals, you learn you're cutting in on their business while helping a few thankful individuals, which creates a nice tension throughout the game, but more importantly you it helps you to learn about the mysterious treasure that's haunted Leo's family for hundreds of years.

The rest is for you to discover, my wet and wily friends.

So, being an open-minded fellow, I dug into what can only be called the world's second scuba-simulation-RPG. Story The early part of the story works well enough. Taking on the role of Leonardo again, players go sailing with Leo's bald, aging buddy Zuccho (a possible Queequeg reference? But because Zuccho didn't research the ocean conditions beforehand, your vessel is caught in a devastating storm, forcing you onto a small, nearly uncharted Caribbean island (called Valentir Island).

The locals ridicule your crappy scuba gear, but a young female islander (Ellis) takes a fancy to you and after a few trials, you become a part of her scuba diving clan, the "Amigos." Cute, the Amigos, and there's three of them (in addition to Ellis). After learning more about the island, you discover many friendly types, villagers and local small business people who learn to like you, to do trade with, or once they find out you're a scuba "expert," compete with you. You find there's another group called Sea Dross, an "evil" syndicate that charges exorbitant fees to find sunken things for people.

There you will have 100 days to find the perfect woman. When be in a scene use the arrow keys to move you or to grab things. While working as a chef: Arrow key left - Walk left.

You never found the exact girlfriend you were looking for. Win your girls heart and bring her back to town with you.

This matters quite a bit because the weight of the objects affects the amount of time you can spend underwater: The more stuff you collect, the heavier it gets, the shorter your time is underwater. The funny thing is, most of the time the stuff you collect is junk.

But even the smallest trinkets on this ocean surface are wanted by the eccentric mix of Valentir locals.

Capcom's oft-partner Arika created this game and Capcom, for whatever reasons, has brought it Westward.

I have been very cynical and yet mildly curious about the game since Capcom announced it. And that Capcom has given us the indirect message that it's not one of their, shall we say, AAA titles. I've snorkeled before and I have experienced the amazing sensation of seeing exotic fish and underwater locales for the first time, and I've come to the conclusion that this game is, without any doubt, created by a group of likeminded, fanatical scuba diving who also happen to make games.

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