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Got everything put back together and pressed the power button.

Got what I was hoping for, a startup chime and the display showed a folder with a question mark in it.

I had the external drive partitioned into 3 partitions.

Partition 1 was used to install 10.7 and reboot the Mac Book. I did not install 10.7.5 as I had read that some mac mini systems did not like this update so I felt I would ignore it for now.

The pins released easily (Unlike my 1.66 Core Duo).

I had a broken macbook with 2GB of memory laying around and installed it in this mini.

After the image was restored to the new partition, I rebooted my mini holding down the option key to selected the new Lion partition.

I found a couple programs that do not run if the mini was still showing Macmini 1,1. "(from 8/5/2013 mail) Thank you for the possibility to share experience on Mac mini upgrades!

The Lion volume should then work with the Core2Duo updated Mini (or i Mac).

If there's an easier way (installer check edit, etc) send a note. (Several reports below have notes on OS X Lion with C2D updated 2006-08 Minis.

I am happy to say my mini booted up just fine and 10.7.5 is working well so far.

Only complaint so far is the lack of scroll arrows in Lion.

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