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Axelrod is pictured here with former Labour leader Ed Miliband, who resigned this moring, during a meeting at Labour Party headquarters in London last May Adviser to the winning Conservative party, Jim Messina, is pictured here last night watching the election results roll in. He held that position until 2011 when he joined the president's re-election campaign full-time in the same role he had in 2008.Obama tapped him to direct his entire re-elect, and afterward, Messina continued to manage the massive group of volunteers the campaign had recruited, re-branding Obama for America into the non-profit Organizing for Action in 2013.Since then, he’s faced off with congressional Democrats over everything from health care (Al Franken once demanded Axelrod tell him when the president would “apologize for his stupid idea” of airing negotiations on C-SPAN) to general political strategy (House Democrats complained this spring that Obama’s stump speech was killing them).There have been public spats with the business community and differences of opinion with the Obama economic team.(Axelrod once e-mailed White House economic adviser Larry Summers wondering if he’d be more comfortable in the “cafeteria at Goldman Sachs,” though several administration officials say the ribbing is good-natured—Axelrod refers to Summers as his “brother in dishevelment”—and runs in both directions.)Axelrod rents a spare, two-bedroom apartment in the Logan Circle neighborhood and sees his family in Chicago once a month.

” Reluctantly, they abandoned the idea, settling on a day trip from Philadelphia instead.

When Axelrod and his colleagues realized the trip could take a week, even they became discouraged.

“We couldn’t hold the media’s attention that long,” says the inauguration official.

'We won that choice by over 20 points last night, and that’s why we stunned the world, and it looks like he’s going to have an absolute majority which I don’t think many people thought we’d have.' Blame game: Axelrod said the 'failure' of polling in Britain had to be unraveled.

He appeared to have been fooled by them himself earlier this week when he said: 'Anyone who underestimates Ed Miliband does so at their own peril.' David Axelrod, left, then a senior advisor to President Barack Obama, and Jim Messina, right, then deputy chief of staff at the White House, are pictured here at a Capitol Hill meeting in August of 2009.

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