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I also understand that parents need to protect their daughters from aggressive boys, especially as those boys move into the latter years of high school and beyond.A shocking number of men and boys have, and continue to be, sexual predators. But I’ve heard from enough parents to realize that we also have a growing problem with aggressive girls.

This shift has caught them by surprise, and they don’t know what to do. I challenged dads to man up and take steps to protect the purity of their daughters.And most parents tell me they just aren’t prepared for it.The need for a plan The fact is that many parents just don’t realize how little training they are giving their adolescent and pre-adolescent sons in how to relate to the opposite sex.They began texting each other the next day, and it was clear that she had quickly begun pursuing him sexually. ” Susan was so stunned that she could hardly breathe. In a daze, she found her husband and filled him in. They knew they would someday need to talk with Josh’s younger sisters about how to handle boys who wanted sex, but they never expected this.With suggestive language, she talked about what she wanted to do with him, and within a few days she lured him into sneaking out of his house in the middle of the night so they could meet for sex at a relative’s empty apartment. Josh has never had a girlfriend, never even kissed a girl, she thought. A shift in our culture Sex among teenagers is old news, unfortunately, as are the trends of aggressive boys pursuing girls, men pursuing women, and adult women pursuing adult men.

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